Child Marriage

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Child Marriage
Join Neeraj in a fascinating journey of discovery from USA to India. Neeraj Kumar, the filmmaker, decided to embark on an exploratory journey of truth. He focused on India, his home country, specifically the state of Rajasthan.

Never before seen footage and never heard!
 This film reveals the truth about a bride who was engaged before she was born. How is it possible?

 Groom is getting married Bride is getting married Groom is getting married Babies getting married   Innocent girl does not know her life is ruining Groom is crying while getting married Groom is getting married Groom is getting married Dr Shrawan Kumar Ji a Prominent Educationist acting Dean
Chobra Camel Water girl well Sati, a woman who is cremated alive with her husband dead body Cobras swaying to the tunes of the snake charmer Camel Is child marriage a blessing or a children human rights issue? You decide!
This is the central theme of this film. UNICEF has Labeled children right voilation and parents say they are doing for their benifit.

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